Terms of Service - Qsite.dk

Last updated 26 January 2012

These terms are between the users that create free web sites (you) and Qsite.dk.

By using the services of Qsite.dk you agree to and accept the terms outlined in this text. Our terms may change at any time, it is your responsibility to keep up-to-date with, and adhere to these terms. If you do not accept these terms you cannot create a site with us and you will have to delete your account with us if you have one.

Section forbidden content:

You may not use our free web site service if it includes the following:

Content which is of an erotic or pornographic nature. Libelous, defamatory or containing threats. Spam or computer generated content. Any content relating to cracking, hacking or of any such nature. Content made to manipulate search engines with zero or very little value to real visitors. Any content which would be uncomfortable to read for some people. Any other content that is or could be considered illegal or unethical.

Section forbidden activities:

The following activities are forbidden:

Those that involve the production of spam of any kind. Copyright and trademark violations. The exploiting of our services in a way that is not meant for normal use. Anything else that is or could be considered illegal or unethical.

Section advertisement:

We may display some advertisements on your free web site. These advertisements will not disturb your site.

Section e-mails:

We may contact you via e-mail in matters regarding the service we provide, these e-mails may include advertisements. Our users e-mail addresses will not be distributed to a third part.

Section payments:

Payments made by you to us for extra services cannot be refunded once the service has been activated.

Section privacy:

By creating an account with us you allow us to store information about you such as e-mail and IP number in a database. This information is never distributed to a third party. Cookies and statistics tracking is also used and you give us permission to use them if make use of our service.

Section term violations:

We reserve the right to delete, modify or close accounts of web sites that violate these terms. We may or may not notify you via e-mail.

Section additional rights for deletion:

We have the right to delete web sites that do not verify their e-mail within 30 days. We have the right to delete web sites that do not start to build their site within 30 days.